New Policy; Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drink Policy:

  • Clean, sanitary drinking water is always avaiable.

  • Only skim or 1% unflavored milk is served to children ages 2 and older.

  • 100% Fruit Juice is served no more than 3x per week.

  • Beverages with added sweetners, artificial or natural, are not allowed in classrooms, including on celebration days.

  • Children are allowed to bring in own water bottle each day for own personal use.





Water First for Thirst

Choose water first for thirst! Water is the original sports drink. With no sugar, fat, calories or cholesterol, water

is good for the body. It helps keep skin, muscles, and the digestive system healthy. Drinking plenty of water

may even help you lose weight, manage stress and give you an energy boost. When you think, “I’m thirsty,”

choose water before any other drink. With all the health benefits of water, it is easy to see why choosing water

over sugary drinks is good for your health. Did you know that a 12 ounce can of regular soda may have as

much as 10 teaspoons of sugar or even more? Sugar sweetened beverages have a lot of calories and are

low in vitamins and minerals. Drinking too much soda, fruit drinks, and other high calorie, high sugar drinks

has been linked to overweight and obesity, especially for young children. Obesity affects 23 million children

and teenagers in the U.S. and puts children at risk for serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease and

stroke. What can you do? Always choose and offer water first, especially when serving children. Check out  for tips!